3 keys to kids ministry success


kids ministry success

get organized, build relationships and stay focused

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep up with all the demands of kids ministry? Is it difficult to find enough volunteers, or are you scrambling each week to have everything ready for the weekend? I’ve been there many times, and these three keys have opened the door to successful wins in kids ministry.

Get Organized

The organization side of ministry is important so that all is in place so that you can spend more of your time investing in your volunteers and families Not only should supplies be organized and labeled, but the most important areas of organization are scheduling your team and preparing curriculum. When it comes to scheduling and curriculum prep, I suggest a goal of staying two months ahead. 


What are the benefits of planning ahead? Planning ahead means there is plenty of time to order all the needed supplies and specialty items, more time to equip your team so they will be prepared and feel confident by having their resources in a timely manner, and team members will have enough notification to schedule their time to help.

Even with all your incredible organization, don’t fall into the trap that you can just ‘set it and forget it’. Remember that ministry involves people, and those people need to know that God loves them and their families.

Build Relationships

Communication is super important! Get to know your team of volunteers and the families in your kids ministry, and be present when you’re with them… remembering not to get too busy that you forget to actually spend time with your people.

  • Meet with individuals throughout the week

    1. make a quick phone call to check-in

    2. ask how you can pray for them

    3. emails, video pep talks

    4. host events for your team, families, or community - these can be equipping events or just for fun!

As you are ministering to other people, don’t forget about your own relationship with God. Stay close to Him, and lean on Him for help!

Stay Focused

Make a list of all the things you need to do. I have two lists. One list is a running list of all the things that need to get done, and it’s broken down into weekly, monthly and yearly categories. I keep my running list in an app called Evernote. I love this because I can access it online, and it is synced to all my digital devices, plus it can easily be shared with others.

The other list is my daily list… it’s the top three most important things that need to be accomplished each day. The items that are not completed daily are moved to the list for the next day.

That’s it… get organized, build relationships, stay focused, and repeat! Now… go have fun!

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