family devotions: how to get started and stick to it

So... how do you get started?

devotionals pt 2

You don't have to take a lot of time. Begin with a Bible verse. Talk about what it means. Ask your kids what they need to pray about, then talk to God about it.

You don't need a special formula to pray (talk to God). Just speak to Him as you would talk to your friend. By the way, He is the best friend you will ever have :)

  • Be intentional. Start out by making a one week commitment.

  • Tell your kids about it. They will help hold you accountable!

  • Set aside a particular time. This could be first thing in the morning, while driving, meal time, or in the evening before bedtime.

  • Feel like you don't have time? Ask God to multiply your time. Pray and ask Him to help you protect this time that you have set aside for Him.

  • Add this to your to-do list for the day. (I write my list right before going to bed, then go over it, and add to it first thing in the morning.)

Where do I start?

Check out these ideas to kick-off your family devotional time. By the way, the last is my favorite!

  • Use a themed devotional that is set to last 1-4 weeks. example: do devotionals about prayer (what is prayer, how do we pray, why do we pray, when to pray)

  • Read a Bible verse, talk about what the verse means, relate to your kids & family and then pray.

  • Use the same verse everyday for a week. Write it on index cards, and post it in your car, on the fridge, in the bathroom, in the bedrooms, on mirrors, on the mantel, anywhere. When you see it, it will remind you and your kids about what God is saying to your family.

Like I said in devotionals with your kids, part 1....Once we started devotionals and prayer time with our girls at bedtime, they actually held us accountable to keep it up!

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