family devotions: devotionals with your kids

devotionals pt 1

When my daughters were younger, I remember some nights of being so tired that I felt like just going to bed and skipping prayer and Bible reading time with them. I have to admit that there were some nights that I skipped it, but those times were very rare because one of my girls would always say, "Mommy, aren't you going read to me and pray with me?"

aaahhh... How could I say no to that?

As I look back to those days, I treasure all of those moments. Those days really did go by quickly!

So... what's so cool about family devotional time? Why is it so important?

#1 The Bible is full of God's Word to you! Every time you read a Bible verse, you are reading GOD'S WORD! So whenever you are reading a Bible verse or hearing it read out loud... you are actually hearing God speak to you, and your kids are hearing God speak to them!!! I mean, life doesn't get any more awesome than that! Right?

#2 God's Word is life-changing! It will make an impression on your kids they will remember. How awesome for them to have someone in their life that loves them so much that they commit this time to help them develop a relationship with Jesus!

I mean.... you da' bomb, Mom, and you're totally rad, Dad!

I would love to share some great ideas with you to help with your family devotional time! Check back soon for devotionals with your kids - part 2

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