fall leaf craft

Fall in love with Jesus - His love colors our worldview!
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Super easy activity that kids LOVE to do!

While working on this activity with your kids, talk about all the colors of the leaves. How beautiful and wonderful are the fall leaves that God created for us to enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

  • leaf cutouts

  • washable markers

  • water pipettes

  • card stock (or other table cover)

    I purchased leaf cutouts and water pipettes from Amazon. Click on the item above to view the products.

What to do:

  • place the leaf cutout onto the piece of card stock

  • using washable markers, draw/color a design on the leaf

  • use water pipettes to drop small amounts of water onto the drawing

  • allow leaf to dry

Leaf cutout alternative:
The leaves are made of color diffusing paper that is similar to that of coffee filters. You can draw designs on large coffee filters, and cut them out after they have dried. That would be fun, too!