jingle all the way!

christmas craft.png

Your kids will have all kinds of fun jingling these bracelets all the way home with this craft!

supplies needed:

  • elastic cording (found in the jewelry section of craft store)

  • jingle bells (when making this craft with preschoolers, please note the size of the bells. You don't want this to be a choking hazard.)

To save time, have the elastic cording pre-cut before kids arrive. Allow kids to string the bells onto the elastic cording. Have volunteers available to help string the bells and knot the cording for each child needing help.

We used 4 bells on the older kids bracelets (4 and older) and 2 large bells for the kids in the groups of 2-3 year olds. You may use more bells on each bracelet if you desire. We used this amount because it was more economical.

This activity would be great to do prior to Worship Time with preschoolers! They will love using their own jingle bells to praise Jesus!

Have fun!