a legacy of ministry


As a child, I was always so excited when my dad (aka my pastor) would schedule a kids evangelist and host a kids event at our church. I remember sitting in my seat with my head bowed, as kids evangelist, Cowboy Steve, lead all the kids in prayer. During that quiet moment, God spoke to my heart to tell me I would be a kids minister some day.

I'm the girl standing in the left back corner with the cheesy grin. I'm standing beside my grandmother. Did you know she was also a children's minister? I love hearing stories about my family's legacy in ministry! I love to see how God has used my family to do big things for him, and I'm also very excited for the things to come!

By the way, I took my first steps into kids ministry in 1992 when I learned how to twist a balloon dog and became Lovely the Clown! At the time, I had no idea where this new “skill-set” would lead me. 😂