tell the story - noah's ark

tell the story of Noah.png

What are some things we know about preschoolers? They like to play, and ask lots of questions. They are easily upset and self-centered. We also know that they are quick to believe and want to feel big and important! Sound like anyone you know? (insert laughter)

Knowing these things, how can we present the gospel to preschoolers in such a way that they will experience the love and power of God’s Word? That’s easy...include them in the story! We can do this by using all the senses we possibly can to illustrate the gospel.

Here are some ideas for sharing the story of Noah’s Ark.

  • hold a piece of wood or a toy boat while telling the story

  • hold an umbrella over your head while telling the story. When you talk about the rain, have a volunteer use a spray bottle of water over you and the kids to represent the rain

  • when talking about all the animals on board, have some of the kids wear animal masks

  • draw stick figures of Noah, a big boat, and some animals while you tell the story

  • walk around the room with a small bag of tuna while you talk about what it may have smelled like on the boat. Allow the kids to smell what’s inside the bag.

  • give kids an opportunity to speak during the story “In the Bible, God told Noah to do something very important! Do you know what he told him to do?” (allow kids to answer) “God told Noah to build an ark. Do you know what an ark is?” (let them answer again) “Yes, an ark is a really big boat!”

  • use repetition in the story - When you talk about the rain, the kids could say, “It rained, and rained, and rained!” each time you say the word rain or water.

  • when talking about all the animals on the boat, the kids can make animal noises.

Kids can participate in activity stations before and after the story to reinforce the lesson.

  • sing a song about obeying God, or about Noah building the ark.

  • make and eat a snack that is related to the story. This could be animal crackers or goldfish. (Always be alert of kids with food allergies within your ministry.)

  • make an animal mask out of a paper plate for kids to wear during the story

  • create rainbows out of play-doh

You can do this! Pray and ask God to give you creative ideas so that you give preschoolers the opportunity to see, hear, touch, smell and taste God’s Word. What an awesome experience!