a vision from God to run with

God speaks to us in many ways. Sometimes, He chooses to speak to us through dreams and visions. For instance, He may show you pictures, images, etc of something He wants you to know for yourself or someone else. A while back, I was sitting in a meeting and God showed me a vision! I’m going to share it with you today because this is for you, too!


I was standing at a door. Then I turned and walked away from the door, toward something else. I knew it was the direction I needed to go.
Then God said “No, not like that.”

Next, I saw myself, once again, standing at the door. This time, I turned away from the door and RAN! As I was running, a strong wind began to blow. I could feel the power of this wind… and not only was I running, but it was carrying me along super fast!

Then I heard God say, “With my help, you will go faster and further than you ever will on your own!”

What does it all mean?
The door represents the transition/opportunity from where I was at the time.

The time I walked away from the door was me doing things fearfully on my own. I was walking (aka going slower) because I didn’t know what was ahead. “Just say no to that!”

The time I turned from the door and began running, represents me focused on God and trusting Him as I’m running into the dream He has given me.

The wind represents the power of the Holy Spirit. The wind was very powerful and super fast!

Whoa! That’s so cool, right?!?

So what did I do?
I let go and began running with God… and guess what? I’m going to keep running!
I knew there was more that God wanted me to do. The things He was and still is showing me to do seem so incredibly big… because they are! So I have realized that the best life I can live is the life of doing the really big things WITH God that I can’t possibly do on my own!
There is so much more to this story, so stay tuned to future posts! I will give you all the details!

I believe this God-Vision is also for you!

What dreams has God given you?
Are you ready to let go of things, places, relationships, fears, doubts that may be holding you back? God is with you, and with His help, you will go faster and further than you ever will on your own!

Pray this prayer…
GOD, show me what you want me to do. Speak to me in my dreams as I sleep and show me in visions while I’m awake. I want to do big things for you that I can never do without you. Help me to hear your voice clearly, and no distraction will stop it. I thank you that you are a strong, big, loving God who chooses to use me. Thank you, God for this mission you are sending me on. I love you so much!
In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Now, Run!