What’s your weakness?

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Do you ever feel this way?

You may feel inadequate for what God has called you to do. Do you need more income? You may feel like your marriage is on the rocks. Maybe you have lost your job, or feel like it may happen at any time. Do you need a break? Feel like you're in a constant struggle against something? Is sickness your weakness?

Symptoms of weakness: feeling inadequate, fragile, sick, exhausted, ineffective, or powerless

Here is the scoop... Every person has a weak area in their life. For SuperMan, it's kryptonite. (Please don't tell the bad guys.)

Now for the #GOODNEWS
God's power is greatest in you when you are weak!
No, that was not a typo! It's a true story :) Check it out!

"My grace is all you need, For my power is greatest when you are weak"
2 Corinthians 12:9

Your weakness is an opportunity for God to show His strength!

Please know that God is with you. His power is revealed during your greatest moments of weakness. When you call on Him, He will help you! God is all-powerful, which means He can do anything. His power truly is more than enough for you!

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