Kids are Important to God

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It happened one Sunday morning in Trinity Kids, ages 3-9 years old. We had just talked about this Bible Story: Jesus blesses the children. Then we talked about how important all the kids must be to God.  We talked about the fact that God sees them all.

After the story, we bowed our heads and closed our eyes...on our knees. Then I asked the kids a question, "What do you think God thinks of you? How does He see you?" They prayed and asked God, and then listened... It was amazing!

Afterwards, some of the kids were sharing stories of how God saw them.
"He sees me sharing!"
"He sees me playing!"
"He sees me listening!"
"He sees me telling others about Him!"
"He told me, 'I'm good!'
"He told me that HE LOVES ME!"

Next, three year old Tommy raises his hand. Then Tommy jumped out of his seat, and with a huge smile on his face, he whispered loudly in my ear, "God Has A Son!"


I mean, I imagine the disciples corralling the kids and shunning them away, saying,  "Sorry guys, but He's just too busy for you right now!" The awesome thing is... Jesus noticed. He saw them. He saw the whole thing! Then He told them... "Do not hinder them!" (don't stop them) Next, He welcomed the children into His arms... arms wide open. The same arms that would soon be nailed to a cross.  Nothing will stop Him from welcoming His children!

God does have a son. His name is Jesus. He loves you so much that He died on a cross (sacrificed His life) so that you can be forgiven of your sins and be best friends with Him - eternal life in Heaven.

Nothing will stop Him from welcoming you into His arms. He loves you just as you are. He wants you to be very close to Him. Just like the kids did in the Bible story, you can run to Him... His arms are wide open!

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